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  • Bar Mock National Champions

    Plymouth High School students Win National Bar Mock Trial Final

  • Bar Mock Championships

    After winning the 2017 National Finals, we are pleased to announce we have won the 2018 Regional Finals in Southampton - now on to the National Finals in Edinburgh...

  • Headteacher Appointment

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Underdown who will become our new Headteacher from September.

  • Young Enterprise

    Meet our Young Enterprise Team.....


Golden Reunion of Year Group 1962


A Golden Reunion was held at the school in September 2012. Forty people attended with girls coming from New York, and Bergen, Norway and all around the UK. It was a really successful evening with many people reviving old friendships and making plans for further social meetings.

Rear: Jean Daggett;Geri Hunt;Lori Ringwood;Sue Atwill;Veronica Cooper;Mary Hull;Janet Anscombe;Marilyn Carter;Sandy Widdup;Bev Wright;Val Knowler;Merion Thorogood

Middle: Jackie Taberer;Barbara Edwards;Susan Byrne;Yvonne Reeson;Barbara Love;Denise Bailey;Penny Chant;Sue Stebbing;Gillian Ellis;Megan Lowe;Susan Bolt;Jane Morris;Jane Parry

Front: Susan Potter;Kate Jarvis;Nicky May;Maggie Coleman;Ann Zorichak;Peter Neve;Maggie Mitchell;Frances Stephens;Yvonne Large;Viv Evans;Hilary Prout;Jackie Rowlands;Pam Peck