Latest News

  • Bar Mock National Champions

    Plymouth High School students Win National Bar Mock Trial Final

  • Bar Mock Championships

    After winning the 2017 National Finals, we are pleased to announce we have won the 2018 Regional Finals in Southampton - now on to the National Finals in Edinburgh...

  • Headteacher Appointment

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Underdown who will become our new Headteacher from September.

  • Young Enterprise

    Meet our Young Enterprise Team.....


Dr. Glas Library and Learning Centre

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday - 8:30 to 16:45

Friday - 8:30 - 16:15

LRC Shop

The LRC shop is now open on Tuesday and Thursday Break Time in the Library.  

Students and staff can purchase a wide range of items from DVD-R discs, CD-R discs, and memory sticks to coloured paper, card and lots of stationery items.  Prices are very reasonable. The full price list is on display in the Library and below.


  • Memory sticks 16GB - £5.50 each
  • DVD-R - 20p each
  • DVD-R Disc with plastic sleeve - 25p each
  • Plastic DVD sleeve - 5p each
  • CD-RW Rewritable Discs - 70p each
  • House Lanyards - 70p each
  • Blu Tac - 60p per pack
  • Glue sticks - 40p each
  • Clear ruler (30cm) 12p each
  • Revision note cards(feint lined pk 100) from 80p per pack
  • Subject dividers 50p per pack
  • Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens - 40p each
  • Biros - red or black - 10p each
  • Highlighters - 50p each
  • Dry Wipe Board markers (green, red, black, blue) - 40p each
  • Pencils - 5p each


  • Erasers - 15p each
  • Double Sharpeners - 40p each
  • Coloured paper and Card - FROM 1p each
  • A4 Ring Binders - 50p each
  • A3 Polyfiles - Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Turquoise - 95p each
  • A3 Display book with A3 Tech Folder £5.35 each
  • A5 Zippa Bags - 30p each
  • Metal compass 20p each
  • Protractor - 6p each
  • Scientific Calculator - £7.00 each
  • Scissors - 30p each