Latest News

  • Bar Mock National Champions

    Plymouth High School students Win National Bar Mock Trial Final

  • Bar Mock Championships

    After winning the 2017 National Finals, we are pleased to announce we have won the 2018 Regional Finals in Southampton - now on to the National Finals in Edinburgh...

  • Headteacher Appointment

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Underdown who will become our new Headteacher from September.

  • Young Enterprise

    Meet our Young Enterprise Team.....


School Fund

Plymouth High’s School Fund exists solely to make donations to the school. The School Fund account is held by the school and is separate from the PTFA. However any monies received are paid through the PTFA which has charity status and then back into the School Fund account to enable the school to benefit from Gift Aid.

How will my daughter / son benefit from the fund?

The School Fund enables Plymouth High to support extra-curricular activities. It is also used to improve our learning facilities and the school’s environment. House events, badges and rewards are also supported by School Fund. We are keen to enrich student life beyond the classroom and the School Fund is important in supporting this.

How will the school benefit from the fund?

The funding the school receives from the government is specifically to fund your child’s education and does not allow us to fund extra-curricular activities. You will also be aware of the cuts the government is making to funding. The School Fund is important in providing us with separate financial resources to help improve the school’s environment and provide additional facilities.