Latest News

  • Bar Mock National Champions

    Plymouth High School students Win National Bar Mock Trial Final

  • Bar Mock Championships

    After winning the 2017 National Finals, we are pleased to announce we have won the 2018 Regional Finals in Southampton - now on to the National Finals in Edinburgh...

  • Headteacher Appointment

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Underdown who will become our new Headteacher from September.

  • Young Enterprise

    Meet our Young Enterprise Team.....


Welcome To...

Team HummingBird

WELCOME to the Hummingbird webpage; where you can find out all the juicy gossip about the Hummingbird project. You can look at the Team profiles, media, design .etc!

All of the Hummingbird team are looking forward to the exciting challenge ahead of us.....and we hope you are too! Please contribute and support the team by presenting any ideas you might have about the project! But for now enjoy the Webpage we have put together, explaining everything you need to know about Team Hummingbird.



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